What I did on my holidays..

Jane and Jules from the Bristol Urban sketchers encouraged me to post some work on the Facebook page whilst I was away on my holidays. I’ve been encouraging my students to develop the sketching habit too – so I’ve no excuse have I?

So when my wife and children were visiting friends in Wales there was suddenly a window of opportunity to pack a tent and a sketchbook and head for Bristol Temple Meads and the Cropredy Folk Festival. What a wonderful event and setting. Magical it was. Heartwarming.

It’s a great way to meet people, sitting on your own, in the rain, sketching. Pity is a great motivator. It’s a lovely moment when people break into random conversation on the basis that you probably don’t have any friends.

Beryl at St Mary’s Church Cropredy even kindly let me dry the sopping wet study of the Red Lion alongside the tea urn and supplied kitchen roll for additional absorption. Such warmth and kindness all added to an unforgettable experience and a sense of a minor miracle that the work return from my tent in one piece and relatively flat.

cropredy08_brasenose _webcropredy08_the_red_lion _webcropredy08_festival_field_webcropredy08_oxford_canal _webcropredy08_field_eight _web

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