quietly_quiet web

This sketch got me thinking. About quietness. Why is there an uncanny hush sometimes? A buildup of ear wax? Rather more the beguiling mysteries of the cosmos I reckon. It seems that when there is a low level of ambient noise people may respect it and adopt a whispered tone rather than allowing things to build to a cacophony. Perhaps it could be chaos theory, that connectivity of all things across the planet. The principle that means blowing a French horn in Bedminster can knock someone off a deckchair in Puerto Rico.

This brings me yet again to question the legality of brass bands, tooting off at will without so much as a thought for the impact overseas. In a word, selfish.

So please bear a thought in mind for relative noise levels. Sometimes me and my good lady wife for instance might be watching a favourite episode from our Allo Allo boxed set which invariably leads to raucousness. This being the case we press pause and might have a little glass of cordial whilst we settle down. Back in control we can then peacefully resume with our viewing. British comedy meets mindfulness if you like. Please feel free to improve your life and the quality of the environment with our well proven methods. Thank you.

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